About This is Retail

This is Retail has been created to showcase the latest trends, information and breaking news in retail and digital from around the world.

Focused on creative excellence, it aims at inspiring those working in the retail and digital industry, by showcasing everything from new uses of technology to fashion trends, latest stunts to installations. Generally what’s moving and shaking in the retail advertising and communication space.

We’ve also partnered with a number of industry leaders and influencers (as well as a few future leaders and influencers) that will help contribute and share both their opinions as well as stories and articles they feel may change our industry.

Current contributors

  • Helen James

    Helen is the key contributor and editor of This is Retail. Featured as a key influencer in Adnews 40 under 40, Helen is considered to be one of the leading retail creative minds in Australia. Not only was she instrumental in building the ALDI brand in Australia and creating the Smarter Shopping positioning, but she is also the creative brains behind rolling Rebel Sport's new positioning into the market. She is a regular participant in the Westfield Retail Study Tour, and contributor on retail best practice. Helen is currently the ECD of Retail at CHE Proximity and Co-founder of Rhubarb&Custard, a specialist retail and digital communications agency.

  • R&C TEAM

    The R&C team are passionate about all things retail and digital. They spend their lives either working or playing in the space, so their posts are designed to inspire, intrigue or simply just make you smile.

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