Cheeper with a Tweet

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For small retailers with a limited marketing budget raising brand awareness can be hard.


Social media can help, but what really works is creating brand advocates. By giving customers a compelling reason to talk about you on Twitter you can start conversations and increase exposure.

Miista, a small Hoxton-based footwear retailer, has done just this by handing over control of which products go on Sale to its Twitter followers.

The retailer launched a ‘cheaper with a tweet’ campaign, which encourages customers to tweet about its products throughout January. The more tweets a product gets the cheaper it becomes for all customers. The retailer has also used social media index Klout to measure the influence of each Twitter user, with more influential tweeters causing a greater drop in price.


Offering incentives like this to start conversation around a retailer will increase the success of a campaign and is likely to be more successful at raising brand awareness.

Victoria Thompson

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