Amazon Launches Printed Christmas Toy Catalogue

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Amazon‘s first-ever printed holiday shopping catalogue is here.


It’s making a print catalogue that will lay around people’s houses during the holiday season so kids can learn about new toys and nag their parents to buy them. Amazon even left blank space up front for kids to jot down their top 10 lists. There are a few updates from the retro era of catalogs: The 70-page mailer for some reason has no price-tags, and there are QR codes to scan.

One parent who received the catalog tweeted a photo of her son peering at it from his booster seat, adding: “He’s on 20 minutes of perusing so far. He’s three. Well-played, Amazon. Well played.”



The move is Amazon’s latest in following the playbook of traditional brick-and-mortar retailers. The e-commerce giant started opening physical bookstores and convenience stores in recent years, while purchasing Whole Foods for $13.7 billion in 2017. It’s also been launching its own private-label brands at a faster pace, competing directly with the third-party merchants selling on its marketplace.

It’s also part of Amazon’s more aggressive effort to get more holiday shoppers onto its site. On Monday, Amazon announced that it was getting rid of the $25 minimum purchase requirement for “hundreds of millions” of items during this holiday season.

The catalogues will also be available at Amazon Bookstores and 4-star locations, the company said.



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