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The success of a mobile game.


Many people know that Angry Birds is one of the most popular mobile games available. Created by the software and games company Rovio a few years back the success of the game now sees the company valued at over $1Billion USD.


The Angry Bird franchise hasn’t stopped at software, recently we saw the movie partnership with the animated film Rio, now it’s a theme park ride in Japan and did you know the company make somewhere between 10 and 20 percent it’s revenue from merchandise.


The IP that exists around the characters of the game now sees them on pillows, cups, badges, halloween costumes, bags, fluffy toys… the list goes on.  The latest news from the ever expanding Angry Bird world is that later this year (which obviously means in the next 2 months) will see them launch their first physical retail store. The store will launch in China – their fastest growing market, and is a partnership with the Finish retailer Espoo. There is a huge market in China and the company has set pretty tough targets for itself. It’s forecast $100m in retail sales in its first 12 months from China alone and if the model is successful will potentially roll out more store worldwide.


Rovio have done their research, it’s believed the Angry Bird brand is one of the most copied brands in China at the moment, so taking inspiration from pirated merchandise they are already expanding the official product list.


This retail model isn’t exactly new, it follows similar tested strategies by Disney and Warner Brothers who have for years believed that establishing key retail environments around the world allows consumers to engage with there characters at a far deeper level that just watching them on a screen.

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