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Asos boss Nick Robertson was boasting about its latest innovations yesterday as he unveiled a 19% jump in pre-tax profit.

Personal stylists, Buy the Look capabilities – which encourages shoppers to buy a whole outfit – and Asos Fit, its virtual changing room, were just some of the steps forward Asos has taken over the past six months.

Asos Fit allows customers to input the measurements of their best fitting jeans, dresses or skirts into the site, enabling the etailer to recommend the best fit among its own products.

“These are the beginnings of the new generation of ecommerce,” declared Robertson, who said the days of commodity-based online trading are behind us.

Of course he’s right. Consumers now seek a shopping experience online just as they do offline, especially in fashion. They want inspiration and sexiness to seap through their shopping journey.

Which is why Robertson believes Elle magazine launching online is far more a threat to him than the mighty Amazon’s recent push into fashion.

Amazon is not cool, it’s functional and fashion ecommerce needs more than just functionality; which is why Asos, with its cutting edge editorial, sexy imagery and style advice, continues to be the reigning king of fashion etail.

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