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As part of the relaunch of their 8th floor Co-op at the flagship store in New York last year, Barneys launched genes@co-op, an interactive cafe featuring a 30-foot long digital banquet table.

Developed by 2×4 it features a table top that includes a simple ordering system and interactive experience. The concept of a “digital river” was created that flows across the table made up of twenty-eight interactive touch screens.

The table acts both as one giant screen and 28 individual screens, with a display interface where users can seamlessly order food, browse Barneys New York articles, products, and videos, and dineā€”all on the same surface.

All the content displayed is repurposed from existing advertising, photography and postings from The Window online blog, fully immersing shoppers in the world of Barneys New York.

Touching an item pulls up a content overlay and allows the user to interact with it further as well as purchase products.

Part of a larger rebranding for Barneys New York, this project includes an extensive design system for all of Barneys’ interactive design components.

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