IKEA Buys Back Old Furniture

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Furniture giant IKEA has launched a buyback scheme allowing Australian shoppers to return old items for vouchers.

Shoppers can return old furniture that has been completely assembled, including tables and chairs, and will receive coupon to spend in store.

Buyers can also purchase the items at a discounted price from a second hand section of the store.

The Swedish furniture giant will be honouring the scheme in the ‘As Is’ section from Monday.

The programme launched after a year trial at Sydney’s Tempe store where 1,600 furniture items were brought back.

IKEA Sales Manager, David Hawthorn, said, ‘The reception for the buy-back scheme in Tempe has been so positive. To see this service now being offered to IKEA customers nationally, and maybe one day all around the world, is incredible and beyond what I could have imagined.’

Fabian Moodley returned an office chair to IKEA that he no longer needed.

He purchased the item for $119 and got a refund of $30.

‘That’s something that is really cool – some people get to enjoy things I’ve already loved and pre-owned,’ he told Nine News.

‘One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.’

IKEA expects that 15,000 pieces of furniture will be saved from landfills.

IKEA’s Renea Robson said: ‘This initiative is actually about IKEA trying to work with our customers to tackle the problem we have with unsustainable consumption.’

The option also allows shoppers a more affordable option.

Refund cards are only usable for three years and items are inspected in store before being accepted by IKEA.

IKEA’s terms and conditions for the scheme states: ‘The final offer price given by the IKEA co-worker is final and not open to negotiation.’

The service is part of IKEA’s goal to have 100% climate positive operations by 2030.

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