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They must be doing something right.


Over the past few years we’ve started to hear more and more about a few ‘schools’ that are forging the way in how the modern advertising creative is trained. For many of us digital specialists these ways of training creative minds is nothing new, but to be honest it’s a breath of fresh air when compared to our standard practices.

Whether it’s schools like Hyper Island that do master classes in the attempt to trying to change old traditional advertising minds by dragging them kicking and screaming into 2011. Or schools like Miami Ad School who specialise in turning out some of today’s most brilliant young integrated thinkers. One thing is for sure, in Australia if we don’t adopt some of these practices soon the next generation of creative directors may be simply making up the numbers rather than leading the way.


Here’s just four of my favourite ideas to come out of the students from The Miami Ad School recently. For more visit


Lovely simple idea, all it would need is a company like VISA to get behind it.


In-soap usb key, encouraging kids to wash their hands


Perfect idea… could have done with this for the Wales v France Rugby World Cup game.


Great in theory, especially for short breaks. But, the unpredictability of global warming might make it impractical.


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