New Balance digitally embraces the running community

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New Balance have launched a permanent retail installation at it’s Experience Store in Boston, near to the finish line of the Boston Marathon (which took place yesterday). The digital board enhances the brand’s support of the local running community and can be viewed by people who pass by the store.



The community board displays dynamic content that can be updated and managed remotely. This includes the time until the next marathon, the distance to nearby running amenities and the time until the next D-line train toward Heartbreak Hill. There is also brand-related content like the number of available Hubway bikes at the nearest public bike station and the current batting average of Red Sox/New Balance superstar Dustin Pedroia.


The company behind the installation, Almighty, also created the ‘Boston Running Index’ for New Balance’s board. This is a numeric indicator of the current running conditions in Boston’s Back Bay that takes into account the temperature, UV light and daylight data. The value, which can be anything from 1 to 100, is constantly updated and is displayed on-screen next to a QR code that people can scan if they want to learn more about it.



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