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Startup e-commerce technology company BevyUp is out to make online shopping a social and collaborative experience for customers. The company helps online retailers turn their websites into social platforms where customers can invite friends to tag along while they shop in their online stores.

Online shopping has primarily been a solo experience with shoppers using other tools or social networks to communicate with friends or family while they make purchases online. BevyUp changes all that by providing an integrated platform that allows shoppers to invite their friends over to their online shopping trip and communicate with them via video or text chat.

Aside from helping online retailers provide their customers with a social shopping experience, BevyUp also allows them to gather business intelligence on their customers’ purchases and preferences–information that would help the retailers create effective marketing strategies to help their sales.

BevyUp’s services for retailers include co-browsing capabilities, text and video chat, and Facebook, text and email invitations. Customers can also tag products according to their preferences and see them on a tagboard which shows all products they tagged. The platform also has a “shop with an expert” option that can help convert more sales. Customers can also have offline shopping sessions with their friends with BevyUp. The technology is easy to implement and doesn’t need the customers to download and install any application or plug-ins.

With BevyUp, online retailers can expect increase in the top metrics for e-commerce sales: page views, time on site, average order value, and conversion rates.

Watch the video below for more info about BevyUp.

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