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Due to launch on August 27th, Zady is an e-commerce site from former law clerk Maxine Bédat and digital media strategist Soraya Darabi. Carrying over thirty labels, it aims to be a global destination for shoppers who care about where their products come from.

The goal is to provide the highest quality products available and connect shoppers with the makers who produce them. The site boasts ‘transparency of production’ and each product is reviewed using the Zady criteria for sustainability.


Well-designed icons are used so shoppers can quickly see if a product is locally sourced, handmade, made in the U.S., eco-friendly, made from high quality materials, and whether it’s affiliated with the Bootstrap Project (a nonprofit which seeks to revive traditions in Zambia and bring jobs back to the community).

The Wall Street Journal reports that Bédat and Darabi research the practices of every brand to vet them by visiting factories and asking the owners to sign contracts to verify their claims about sourcing and production. This way, they are able to find products made by real people who care about craftsmanship, quality and timeless style.



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