3 Examples of How Retailers Can Optimise Purchases Every Customer Visit

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Retailers develop forward-thinking strategies that allow shoppers to optimise every store visit.

Mobile has opened up the possibility to seamlessly bookmark, browse and buy across a wider variety of channels and platforms. It is increasingly necessary for brands to integrate technology and services offerings that help their customers save both time and effort along the purchase path.

“The evolution of mobile lies in enhancing the in-store experience. People carry their phones into the store—can we leverage that, combine it with in-store technology and make it more convenient for them?” asked Mike Molitor, the SVP of e-commerce at Kohl’s.

Below are 3 examples of brands who are successfully leveraging technology to enhance their customer experience:

Neiman Marcus Lets Users Snap A Photo Of Any Product To Find A Match in The Catalogue

Neiman Marcus added a new feature to their shopping app that allows customers to use their smartphone camera to take pictures of an item and use it as a visual search engine to look for matching or similar products in the online Neiman Marcus store. The idea is to provide an easy way for customers to search for a product using something they already have with them every day. The app will offer relevant suggestions in place of an exact match.



Youtube Offers Shoppable Products Featured in Videos and Tailored By Context

YouTube’s Shopping ads allow advertisers to integrate instantly purchasable products that are relevant to the audience viewing. When YouTube finds a match based on contextual cues, viewers will see a small “i” icon on the top right corner of the video. Clicking it opens up a panel that links to related products available for purchase. For instance, a video about a DSLR will show cameras, lenses and kits for sale from Best Buy and other AdWords clients.


Starbucks Rolls Out Mobile Ordering Across the United States

The coffee giant added increased functionality to their mobile app by allowing customers to order ahead and pay from their phones. Habitual Starbucks drinkers can skip the line to save time while enabling the cafe employees to operate more efficiently.  Additionally, the app saves customer history easily allowing people to re-order their typical drink.




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