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SparkleMasters uses sequins to create unique, dazzling graphics for billboards and displays. They call it “photographic sequin imagery,” recreating images entirely out of sequins, with each one like a single pixel.

Every sequin is independently mounted on its own pin, so it shimmers and sparkles when it catches the light. When viewed together from further away, they form the image. By using very small sequins (3/8″ diameter), in a range of over 60 colors, the company is able to produce photographic imagery that really stands out.

The sparkling mosaics are handcrafted in California, and can be used to fill an entire window display, create an eye-catching graphic, or a full-color billboard. The mosaics are made up of 6″ sequin panels, which are put together like tiles for an adaptable system that can create a design of any shape and size.

SparkleMasters has created displays for brands including Marc Jacobs, Disney, L’Oreal, and Universal Studios. For L’Oreal, they recreated Andie MacDowell’s likeness out of 337,500 sequins for a nationwide TV ad, which was the largest single display the company has produced.  See it here:



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