AR Assisted Shopping

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With more and more people doing their shopping through their mobile phones, the Osterhout Design Group (ODG) cannot resist the idea of creating augmented reality shopping. Together with Mastercard and Qualcomm, shoppers can now shop from home or shop in-store without going from rack to rack through the help of ODG’s R-9 smartglasses.

AR shopping is described to be the future of shopping in which the shopping experience entails using AR glasses, Qualcomm’s iris scanning tech, and Mastercard’s seamless payments. Once the user wears the AR glasses, he or she can gain access to the item’s details without even touching it. Shoppers can also create full outfits effortlessly. Moreover, shoppers can also see extra clothing items through the online inventory – items that cannot fit in the physical store anymore.


The AR shopping experience is definitely something new. But the world is moving towards making processes more convenient, and it won’t be a surprise if shoppers would prefer this complete digital shopping experience.


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