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Funny, and it never gets boring.


Believe it or not ‘Will it blend’ was rated as the most viral branded content on the web last year. and behind the name it’s nothing more that a product demonstration and infomercial. But come on what a brilliant idea.

If you haven’t seen it where on earth have you been! It launched back in 2007 to help promote a pretty unique power blender by a fairly unknown company called Blendtec. To help save money at the time, some bright spark (probably the CEO) decided not to use an actor to host the clips, but to use a member of staff… Enter Tom Dickson (CEO and founder – funny that). Each episode sees Tom simply blend stuff, from ipads to iphones, superglue to guns it sounds like a gimmick, but unlike most flash in the pan viral campaigns, this idea has lasted close to 5 years and is still going strong (each new video registers close to a million views in just their first week). It’s a true demonstration that the simplest of ideas has the opportunity to outrank and outsmart the cleverest of advertising campaigns.


It got a cult following in the early days of social video sharing, when youtube had only just sold to our friends at google. I believe even in today’s fragmented digital environment, where holding peoples attention for more that 47.3 seconds is a challenge, this kind of idea offers a unique insight into the spreadability of content. It doesn’t take itself too seriously, for some it’s useful (if you want to blend a new iphone 4s), and is the perfect platform to drive sales. After all who wouldn’t want to buy a blender that could blend Justin Bieber.


Today, the franchise is still going strong, and only last month they launched an ipad app. This app is nothing innovative, it’s just another platform for fans of the show to connect with the randomness of Tom and the Will It Blend idea.

See all will it blend videos on or youtube.


Come on Siri… Let’s see you blend


Some of the most popular content on Youtube last year

Oh god. Now there’s an iPad App that lets you view the content and put Tom in photos

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