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Bubble&Stitch offers the ultimate in laundry convenience for busy tech-enamored professionals.


The American concept of the 24/7 laundry locker room has made its way to Amsterdam in a new venture named Bubble&Stitch.

After registering online, customers can use the service 24/7 to drop off laundry in one of the available clean boxes with a swipe of their debit or credit cards. The novelty of this service is that it comes paired with a mobile iOS/Android app to manage orders and receive notifications of when laundry has been completed and available for pickup. Alternatively, customers can place orders via text message.

Upon receiving their first order, customers receive a complimentary reusable laundry bag. The turnaround for most customers is two business days and the company uses only eco-friendly detergents. Other services offered include dry cleaning, ironing and tailoring.

The main Bubble&Stitch location features unique branding and interior design by Cristina Zanon and Naomi Thellier de Pocheville of Buro Nana, who transformed the space with inspiration from vintage American launderette spaces. It includes a fresh colour palette, vintage hanging ball lamps, and bold simple typography.


Zanon elaborated on some of Buro Nana’s design decisions:

When the consumer interacts with the brand, he or she should not feel the complexity of the logistics behind the scenes, but should simply feel trusting of the services offered and comforted by the environment he is in. This is why we applied a fresh and contemporary look to the logo and interior, but kept some human elements such as the feedback forms pegged to the wall or the hand-written typeface. These small touches help to keep the interior feeling warm and inviting.

Although this new laundry / dry cleaning service doesn’t require a human presence, it certainly retains a human touch.

The idea is yet another example of the trend of flexible and convenient services being created to cater to busy professionals. Other new laundry services in the U.S. include Washio and Rinse.



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