John Lewis Melts Hearts Again In Latest Ad

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This is the eight-year-old bumbling ballerina who has stolen the hearts of a nation in the latest moving John Lewis advert.

Unsteadily pirouetting her way around a house, schoolgirl Bunny May is the star of the UK high street retailer’s home insurance ad which has touched the hearts of millions worldwide.

The 90-second feature, which was directed by the same man behind last year’s successful Monty the Penguin advert, shows the young girl twirling around her home to the sound of Elton John’s 1970s hit Tiny Dancer. 

Created by Adam and Eve DBB and directed by well-known commercial and music director Dougal Wilson, the ad is part of John Lewis’s ‘If it matters to you, it matters to us’ campaign.

The clip has already been viewed more than one million times on YouTube since being launched last Saturday and has gained more than 3.6million views through Facebook and Twitter.

Margaret Burke, head of marketing for John Lewis financial services, said: ‘There’s an awful lot of charm, as you would expect from John Lewis in this script. It’s an adorable little girl in her house, hearing a piece of music and just dancing her heart out.

‘The advert is heartwarming and features an iconic song, but most importantly it reminds viewers that John Lewis home insurance can offer peace of mind, allowing them to enjoy family life.

‘We wanted to celebrate this within the campaign, but to do so in a positive, yet light-hearted, way.’

Jo Cresswell, who is part of the creative team at Adam and Eve DBB, said the advert had the ‘perfect balance’. She said: ‘It’s quite easy to fall into serious territory with things that are special to people and sentimental but we wanted to have a funny edge to it.

‘We were thinking about what we were like as kids and my dad was always telling me off for nearly breaking the TV or knocking lamps and things like that and so we came up with the idea for tiny dancer.

‘I think it’s got a perfect balance between almost spoofing a professional dance and referencing films like Flashdance and Dirty Dancing….But at the same time she’s still very much a kid and she’s very much doing it her own way and she’s not quite perfect but it adds to the magic of it.’

The home insurance advert, which will run as part of a campaign over the next six weeks, is the latest in a string of notable television adverts for John Lewis.


Ever since 2009, the chain’s commercials have proved to be the most popular of all those offered by retailers at Christmas. All have managed to deliver an emotional and powerful story, generating a buzz on social media with many viewers happy to admit they have been reduced to tears. Their popularity has been central to boosting sales growth at the retail giant which has been the envy of the high street.

Last Christmas, the brand had remarkable success with its Monty the Penguin advert, which attracted more than 23million views on YouTube in nine months.

The advert showed a young boy gradually realising that his cuddly toy penguin Monty was longing for a penguin companion. And so on Christmas morning the youngster surprised Monty with the gift of a new penguin friend named Mabel.

The soundtrack was John Lennon’s song Real Love, performed by Tom Odell, and it came just 12 months after Lily Allen performed Keane’s ‘Somewhere Only We Know’ for the 2012 Christmas campaign – The Bare and The Hare.

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