Melbourne’s The Candy Store makes VM childsplay

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I absolutely love this store design. True to it’s core values and offering a sensory appeal that so many high street stores lack.


The wonderful Candy Store in Melbourne blends the worlds of imagination and illustration to create a fantastical environment that just leaps from the page of a child’s drawing.


The cash register sits on top of a kitchen island–peak behind it and you’ll see a stove with a pot simmering on top. Looking around the room, cupboards and bookshelves hold jars and bins filled with brightly coloured candy, and there’s a dog bed and basket of laundry beneath the window sill.


Stools drawn up to the counter, pictures of smiling faces hanging on the walls, and a door for a mouse’s house add character and dimension to the space because, after all, the only real three-dimensional objects in the store is the candy itself- everything from the stove and bookshelves to the dog bed are not real, but artwork.


When owners Cristina Velardo and Leonie Schwetzer decided to take their sugar-free candy import business, Sweet Enough, from a wholesale business to retail, they enlisted the RED design group to help them create a store that was ‘edgy, humorous and uniquely charismatic.’


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