Reverse Graffiti

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Not exactly a digital story but, hey it’s all marketing.


Remember the spike of outdoor branding we called gorilla marketing around 2000-2003. The biggest single form of gorilla marketing took the form of pavement stencilling. It didn’t take long for Councils around Australia to shut this kind of marketing down on the basis that the inks used either caused damage to the pavement or we’re classed as semi-permanent.

A trend in San Francisco at the moment is seeing what they call reverse graffiti. Someone places a company logo on a dirty footpath and pressure washes the pavement clean… hey presto a non-ink based stencil of your brand is etched into the dirt for as long as it takes for the pavement to get dirty again (or for some council worker to come along and clean it away).
I wonder how long it will be until they find some legislation to stop this happening.

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