Spylight Allows Customers To Shop The Style Of Hollywood Stars

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Spylight is using its studio access and vast fashion database to give fans a star-studded shopping experience


The media we consume provides a framework for living – a model on which we base our lives and guide our actions. TV and movie characters play a huge role in this process, and as a result we often modify our behaviors and style to embody them. Now, a website called Spylight is making it easier than ever to dress like your favorite pop culture characters.


Simply enter the name of a show or movie you’re looking for in Spylight’s search box and select the type of clothing or accessory you want, and a selection of the characters’ items will come up on the page.

A high percentage of the products will be exact matches to the items featured on screen, but similar items of different price points will also appear for purchase (for the thrifty). This gives multiple fashion brands an opportunity to profit from each “celebrity endorsement.”

According to COO Aly Moore, Spylight is the first service of its kind to connect Hollywood to its fans in this shoppable media environment.

It takes a small army of highly skilled fashion experts paired with exclusive access to the production set of a show to yield timely, accurate, and relevant data for our growing collection of TV shows and movies. Ever wanted to dress as sharply as Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory? We make that possible.


There are a seemingly infinite number of TV shows and movies in the digital space, and Spylight uses superior technology to give users what they want. The service relies on its “proprietary system infrastructure and database to host, press, and channel the incredible quantities of data collected on set.”

In February, Spylight will be integrating its technology into a new mobile version that acts very much as a “Shazam for Fashion.” The free app will listen to TV shows or movies for five seconds and give users a list of products shown on screen at that moment in time. Impulse shopping has never been easier or more accessible.


With Spylight, TV and movie enthusiasts can engage with media like never before. And to compliment the shopping experience, fans can also access Spylight’s blog that focuses on the fashion trends of cultural icons that are taking place both on and off-screen. Consumers now have greater access to the fashion and lifestyles portrayed by their favorite characters, and studios are exploring an entirely new revenue channel.


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