Topshop new store: Santiago, Chile

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Topshop imageThere’s been a lot of news recently about Topshop beaming down in Chicago, but putting the US to one side for a moment, what about Chile?


Topshop has had outposts in the country’s Paris department stores for some years now, but the first standalone shop only opened in the middle of last month.


Located in the Alto Las Condes mall in Santiago, the new store’s arrival has been trumpeted across the city, and in the upscale shopping centre itself the prime public area has been taken over by a Topshop and London-themed installation. From the outside this modestly sized, single-floor shop has everything that you would expect, with the familiar logo standing proud of the shopfront and the two full-height glass windows containing three modishly dressed mannequins a piece.


Within, it is white box territory with the clean white ceiling raft overhead providing a home for the mid-shop spots, while a mix of lightboxes and Topshop logo variants provide interest around the perimeter walls.


Everything is priced in local currency until you reach the back of the store where the shoe area has styles that are priced in euros, US dollars and, yes, in good old pounds. What this reveals is that things are pricier than back in Blighty, and this is aimed at Santiago’s fashion-conscious middle classes more than anything else.


More than 6,000 miles from base, this is one of the Arcadia brand’s more far-flung branches, but looking at it you could almost be back home. This may not cater for the very young in quite the same way as the UK (the majority of those inspecting the merchandise had said farewell to 30 some time ago), but Santiago’s Topshop standalone looks set to thrive.




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