Underwear Shopping That’s Just Peachy

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Let’s face it. Shopping for bras is the worst, and the process of actually finding one that fits is impossible. You can get measured five different places, be told you are five different sizes, and still find yourself pulling at the straps or tucking in your boobs in discomfort. So hallelujah for a new system: Peach Company. These are custom fittings, based on mounds of data, and done by a professional bra stylist.


Studies show that 80% of women are in the wrong bra size and 95% hate the bra shopping experience (who are the crazy 5% who like it?!) So the prospect of meeting with a highly trained Peach stylist, who will come armed with dozens of bras and lots of measuring tape, data and diagrams, would be a welcome event.


Peach bases their system on data about size, client experience and more. This has allowed them to create a ten point measurement system to really get into the nitty gritty of your bra size. While most retail environments only take two measurements, Peach gets personal, which helps them not only fit you, but also recommend bra types that will enhance and even slenderize your look.


The best part of this experience is that while you do have to prance around in a bra in front of your stylist, you can at least do so in your own home. That’s right, they come to you! No more bad dressing room lighting or unflattering mirrors or peeking from behind a cracked open door to talk to your salesperson.

Peach allows women to host Mary Kay-like parties where friends can be fitted together or does personal house calls. So you can wear your comfiest robe, or PJs, or whatever else and only show what you feel comfortable in during the fitting. It allows you to try on different bra styles with different outfits to see how they look.


CEO and Co-founder, Janet Kraus sums up the experience as focusing on expertise and comfort to make the whole process of bra fitting easier, more personal and more effective.

“If I put you in an environment where you’re comfortable. If I get you with someone who is highly trained – not only in how to fit, but how to make you feel comfortable – it gives you that sense that we’re going to get you in a bra that makes you feel great. Then it stops being that yucky experience. We didn’t just turn over the measurements, we turned over the experience! And those two things together are like the art and the science of it all.”


At the end of the process you’ll be left with not only a great fitting bra, but an increased confidence about showing off those curves in outfits. Your stylist might also have you try on some of Peach’s separates and loungewear, all of which are made with the softest fabric ever created. Their tanks will soon become your new favourites thanks to a long cut and a fitted, but not clingy, cut that makes them easy to layer.

What’s more, your stylist will save all your measurements, so you can make future purchases online with her guidance, through email or chat about different styles and looks.

Check it out for yourself:


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