Uniqlo Allows Customers To Test Drive Clothes For A Day

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The fashion brand is launching a new service that lets people try on items and wear them for a day prior to purchasing.


GU, a casual wear retail brand run by Fast Retailing Co., is testing out a new service where shoppers can take items by the brand for a “test drive” outside of the store.

What it means essentially is that potential buyers can try on up to three pieces of clothing and wear them in public or outside of the shop to help them decide if they want to purchase any of the items.

GU recently opened a new shop in Tokyo’s Shibuya neighborhood and the company is demoing the “test drive” concept, which they’re calling GU Fitting, at the new shop.

To try out the service, shoppers simply select the clothes they like then bring them to the counter and request to test out the items. Once approved, the shoppers can change into the clothes and leave the store. The shoppers have the entire day to test drive the clothes. They can visit other shops, eat at a restaurant, and practically do whatever they want, but they must go back to the store on the same day to return the items or purchase any of them. Items that are returned but not purchased will be used in the storefront display and won’t be sold to the public.


To be part of the GU Fitting service, shoppers only need to give their name and phone number. The company is focusing on customer satisfaction and is attempting to achieve this by putting its trust in customers.

The new service can only accommodate 30 shoppers per day and up to three items per person. The company is testing the service until the end of the month.

The new concept takes fitting rooms beyond the walls of the store and into typical environments to help shoppers make their decisions about the brand’s products.


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