Van Heusen Partners With The UFC in Latest Campaign

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It’s been another weird week in retail. Van Heusen launched a campaign with the UFC, Balenciaga got sued by a souvenir shop and Walmart ceded its toy manufacturing to a 6-year-old! The most interesting story of which is:

Van Heusen squares off with the UFC

Whoever said the clothes make the man clearly never considered the possibilities of modern marketing, because now Van Heusen (read as: maker of fine business suits) is partnering with the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Now, it might seem like an unrealistic alliance — that is, the UFC and anything positive — but Van Heusen’s campaign is determined to strike down any misconceptions about how well men who get paid to fight for a living can fight while also getting paid to wear a suit. After watching the well-crafted TV spotreported on by Bloomberg, the answer is a resounding: “very well!”

While Van Heusen was apparently using the ad to tout its “flex collar” and “flex pant” to working men — not trying to attract women by showing two brawny men in tight-fitting clothes fight for dominance — we’ve still got several questions about a campaign that features suits, fighting and no James Bond: Namely, why do they need to fight? Are office fights a growing trend? Will customers buying these suits have to fight TJ Dillashaw to obtain one? Is UFC the new James Bond?

Still, we have to praise the creativity of a campaign that has almost nothing to do with the product for sale — unlike, say, the time Casper was giving away a free pool float mattress with every purchase of a … mattress.

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