Virtual Mirror Technology Continues To Improve

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Taiwanese company Vismile has created a virtual dressing room that lets people see what different outfits will look like without having to actually try them on. ‘Nuevo’ aims to take the hassle out of trying on new clothes, using motion sensors and cameras.

I used a similar piece of technology to this whilst in Japan last year on the Westfield Study Tour but the Vismile system seems to capture a higher-resolution scan of the shopper in order to superimpose different items of clothing onto their body in real-time that fit to their contours better. This enables the shopper to ‘try on’ clothing more quickly and efficiently.

The clothes move as you turn around, and can be viewed from all different angles, as well as mixed and matched on-screen. You can access images of previous outfits if you can’t decide which to buy and send the images to Facebook or Twitter to show your friends what you’ve been trying on.

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