Walmart’s Has Developed A Grocery Service Just For Millennials

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Walmart thinks it knows the secret to getting inside the elusive Millennial wallet, and is using its property as a testing ground for a new online delivery service specifically catered towards the young demographic.

J, set to launch in the next two months, is a new private label brand under that promises to deliver on things that Millennials supposedly care about, including daily essentials and organic items with high-quality ingredients. The site’s offerings will reportedly cross “dozens” of different product categories, and will eventually arrive on in their second year.


Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the whole deal is the packaging, which is intended to attract younger buyers with “bold, edgy” designs that differentiate the products from other similar offerings. Words like “organic” and “fair trade” are displayed prominently on the front, while the products themselves boast names like “badass expresso.”

“Uniquely J is yet another way is innovating for the metro millennial,” said PR Director Meredith Klein in a statement to TechCrunch. “From the boldly designed packaging, to the fun, witty label copy and quality ingredients — everything was designed with this metro consumer in mind.”

Though it’s not exactly clear who this “metro millennial” is, or if they are in the market for “badass expresso,” Uniquely J is just another way Walmart is trying to compete with Amazon and grab a different segment of the market. Amazon’s recent acquisition of Whole Foods has significantly ramped up competition in the grocery space, and Walmart has been trying several strategies to differentiate its offerings.



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