How Wearable Tech Can Influence Supermarket Shopping

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Creative agencies around the world are beginning to think about the implications of wearable technology across industries. Below is a concept from rehabstudio that points to the potential impact of the Apple Watch and technologies like it on retailers like Whole Foods.

Rehabstudio’s activation personalizes interactions at Whole Foods by incorporating information and creating an interactive environment through personal electronics. Upon entering the store, the shopper’s mobile device would recognize they are in a Whole Foods. It would give the wearer contextual suggestions based on availability, location, and history to give users additional information about staying healthy. Creative partner at rehabstudio Tim Rodgers explains, “Wearable devices allow for a hands-free, personalized, and private guided experience in a retail environment. It’s like having a personal shopper guide you around the store, it knows what the consumer likes, what they might want to try and buy.”


Push notifications would help educate users on the products they are purchasing. “It’s important that we’re always adding value to the consumer,” Rodgers elaborates, “When the consumer opts into the recommendations, it immediately provides value because the interaction is useful.” The experience has been engineered to encourage impulse purchases throughout the store.


At the checkout counter, the shopper simply sets down their basket to see an electronic preview of their products with additional product suggestions they can add to their baskets. They can opt for same-day home delivery to avoid having to carry a large bag home.

See how the interaction would play out in this scenario for Adam as he shops for a special dinner for his girlfriend, Jenny.


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