Personalised Shopping Experience: The Dandy Lab

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A menswear brand is seeking to create what it calls the store of the future, where technology will be used to tailor the shopping experience around a customer’s interests.


The founders of The Dandy Lab are running a crowd funding campaign on Kickstarter to raise money for in-store technology for its concept store, which will allow shoppers to login as they enter the store to begin a personal experience.

In-store technology includes interactive windows and magic mirrors and innovations that allow products to talk to the customer as they browse to narrate stories behind the products and give details about the designers.

Products will be tagged with NFC tags that are configured with beacons to allow them to talk to customers.

Founders Peter Jeun Ho Tsang and Julija Bainiaksina have already raised 70% of the fundraising target outside of crowdfunding and are now seeking to raise £45,000 on Kickstarter in order to open the store in December.

Jeun Ho Tsang is a designer at Coeur Menswear and lecturer at London College of Fashion, while Bainiaksina is a designer at Foxhunt Menswear who aims to tackle an over-consuming society and encourage the purchasing of “good quality, long-lasting fashion products”.

The Dandy Lab pop-up store will open for six months in central London and target the style-conscious man with clothing, footwear, grooming and lifestyle accessories from more than 40 brands.

Additional features will include presentations from UK designers and a social corner where people can have a beer.



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