NY Lip Bar Creates Personalised Lippy

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The BITE LIP LAB in New York’s SoHo, embraces co-creation to deliver each customer with their own signature lipstick. The highly interactive service sees staff demonstrating the seven-minute manufacturing process following a one-on-one consultation.

When customers have chosen their perfect shade, bullets of lipstick are melted and mixed, scent is added and the mixture is poured into molds for hardening. The resulting lipstick is then packaged to take away. A handwritten name tag is added for an extra personal touch. Seeing the whole process like this provides a high level of brand transparency. This supports BITE’s all-natural ethos and its mission to create lip care products that are “healthy enough to eat”.


The combination of laboratory with more traditional beauty retail aesthetics in the 500 sq ft space supports the store’s balance of education and entertainment. Prices for the bespoke blending service start from $36 (£22), making it a fun and inexpensive treat for New Yorkers with sky-high rents. However, the one-on-one service and lengthy process makes high sales unlikely without some alterations


Consumer Insights:

Consumers are keen to get hands-on and are willing to pay more for a truly personal experience or product. This is especially true if they have had a part in the creation process. Doing this in an entertaining way by introducing elements of worker theatre, turns the concept from straightforward retail space into a destination store.

Brand take-away:

By being open and honest about the production process and ingredients that go into their lipsticks, BITE provides a tangible sense of brand transparency.



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