The Future Of Airline Shopping

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Guestlogix developed a system where airlines can offer a shopping service to in-air passengers that’s designed to replicate shopping on the ground

Airlines have worked tirelessly to make shopping while flying easy and fun, with catalogues in seats and duty-free onboard. Now a point-of-sale company is helping to innovate mid-air retail by making it look and feel more like shopping on the ground.

Guestlogix developed a system that would let passengers scroll through an app, make purchases through the system and even accrue frequent flyer miles. The service would also let passengers order while they are waiting at the gate so that they can receive their purchases as they onboard, while offering them special discounts and campaigns. Each version of the app would be branded to the specific airline and would feature flight attendant functionality and management information for the crew as they hand out purchases.

The hope for this new system is to help airlines better reach the thousands of passengers who travel daily. “Airlines have a captive audience through the course of the flight, and really through the day of journey. They should be able to market to them and let customers self-serve the way they can on the ground,” Robin Hopper, Guestlogix’s senior vice president for product and marketing.


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